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All our complete thanks, honour and glory to our ever loving and merciful Jesus Christ – The one and only God, for blessing us much more than we deserve, and without whom none is ever possible.

“Engineering farther, innovating further” is the saying for Ophel Compting from the day 1 of our inception. Innovation in engineering and continual improvement leads to new scientific findings.

Dedicated in the year 2016, the objective of our organisation can be summed up as, “Translating vision into reality”.

Our vision is – To engineer pure and perfect solutions that are sustainable, technologically competent and scientifically inspiring while providing a positive impact on our users.

Our mission is – To become the organisation with the best employees, best of clients and to build the best of products and services that have the best of users.

We aspire to achieve our objectives, vision and mission with zero external investors.

We believe in imagining our inspiration and incorporate intuition and innovation to our work to make it more and more humane and improvise our engineering.


What gets measured, gets managed

Free HTML5 Templates


Engineer the requirements, analyse the alternatives, plan the build.

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Free HTML5 Templates


Measure the KPIs and build the core, engineer changes to provide innovation.

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Free HTML5 Templates


Continuous delivery is our approach of engineering changes and innovation.

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Products that write your needs

Digital Technology is a Luxury than anyone can affort.

InData - Engineered Products from Ophel Computing


In Data We Trust

A platform engineered for the entire Marketing, Sales, Finance, Production, Operations process management.

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TaxInvoice.io - Engineered Products from Ophel Computing


Close Elegantly

Create elegant and professional Invoices that are GST enabled. Avail insights and reports for your invoices for free.

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PEx - Engineered Products from Ophel Computing


Manage oPEx, caPEx, PersonalEx, etc. all in one place and manage from anywhere, anytime.

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Engineers and Designers of Innovation

Engineering Further, Innovating Farther


Passion for Engineering
Value in Outcome
Embracing Changes
Innovation first Approach
Frugal Resourcefulness



Data Science
Full Stack
Continuous Delivery
Lean Engineering



Get to know us better by trying out our model of engineering. We have a set of practices such as Process Script, Employee Policy, Process Tasks, Week Review.



Your complexity, our simplycity

Forward Thinking

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